Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lebanon (0) vs. Qatar (1) - Live Commentary

Welcome to the Live commentary of Asia's 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiying Group A match between Lebanon and Qatar in Beirut.

Lebanon: Ziad Al Samad - Ramez Dayoub, Yousef Mohamed, Walid Ismael, Bilal Najarin - Abbas Atwi, Hussein Dakik, Haytham Faour - Ahmed Zriek, Hassan Maatouk, Mohamed Ghaddar.

Qatar: Qasim Burhan - Mohamed Kasoula, Mesaad Al Hamad, Ibrahim Majid, Khaled Moftah - Lawrence Quaye, Wisam Riziq, Adel Lami - Yousef Ahmed, Khalfan Ibrahim, Sebastian Soria
0' Match kicked off

First Half
3' Hassan Maatouk powerful attempt from the edge of the area, near the right post, early danger from Lebanon.

8' Good pressure from Qatar, Al Samad did well to stop Soria's shot, another attemt from the resulting corner and the ball hit the bar.

13' Yellow card for Sebastian Soria for a high elbow

22 minutes gone and stilll 0-0 Qatar threatened early in the game, but failed to keep on the pressure

26' good run by Yousef Ahmed, he showed alot of skill but failed to find Soria with a pass

28' What a chance for Lebanon, Atwi made a good run and his shot hit the right post, Maatouk followed with another dangerous shot, blocked by the defense

29' Lami replied with a long range effort, deflected by the Lebanese defense, and it's a corner

Ten minutes to go for the break, still goalless, Qatar's midfield is slow a little bit, they need to focus more

Hassan Maatouk is causing a lot of trouble to Mesaad Al Hamad on the left hand side, a very dangerous skilful player with effective crosses

39 Ziad Al Samad had to make a good save to stop Bilal Najarin's header, could have been a nice own goal

End of the first half, Lebanon (0) Qatar (0) both sides had their chances, Al Annabi need to focus in in the second half, they can do it.

Second Half

46' The match kicked off nochanges in both teams

48' Lebanon's Mohamed Ghaddar's header just over the bar, that was close

53' A long range effort from Faour, over the bar

58' Lebanon's goalkeeper Al Samad showed his skills of dribbling the opponents !!!

63' Goal - Mistake by Dayoub returning the ball to his keeper, great interception by Sebastian Soria, he rounded the keeper and scored, a cool finish 

Around 15 minutes to go, Qatar still leading 1-0 in Beirut, will be the perfect start for Al Annabi, GO ANNABI GO

74 Yellow Card - Ramez Dayoub (Lebanon) for a foul on Khalfan Ibrahim

77' 1st substitution for Qatar Younis Ahmed (IN) Adel Lami (Out)

79' 1st Substitution for Lebanon Nader Matar (IN) Ramez Dayoub (OUT)

82' Yousef Ahmed close range effort off target, his shirt was pulled by Yousef Mohamed of Lebanon, but no penalty, looks like he picked up an injury.

83' 2nd Substitution for Qatar Talal Al Baloushi (IN) Yousef Ahmed Out

86' Two substitutions for Lebanon Ghaddar (OUT) Hassan Al Mohamed (IN) Hussein Dakik (OUT) Hassan Chaito (OUT)

90' Yellow Card - Ibrahim Al Majid (Qatar) & Hassan Chaito (Lebanon)

90+1' Yellow Card - Ibrahim Khalfan for a foul

90+2 Lebanon's best chance in the game, wasted, Yousef Mohamed met a cross from left hand side, just yards away from the goal, but failed to hit the target

FINAL WHISTLE - LEBANON (0) QATAR (1) Valuable three points on the road to Brazil. 

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